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Spiritual Life

“…we can speak of the entire academic agenda as having a single unqualified focus: to know, love and serve Christ Jesus.” Dr. Gordon T. Smith, President, Ambrose University

As a Christian university Ambrose makes intentional space for your faith to flourish.  To grow in wisdom and love, and to prepare for vocational purpose in response to God’s calling, makes spiritual practices an essential part of your education. As part of our community of faith, you’ll have company for your spiritual journey: faculty, staff and fellow students will be with you every step of the way in chapels, community groups and special all-campus events like the Deeper Life Conference and the Ambrose Day of Prayer.

Our Spiritual Life staff include Campus Chaplain Terry Fach, Chapel Worship Coordinator John Vooys, and Community Groups Director Evelyn Eisses. See their stories and contact information below.

Chapel in a time of COVID

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Worship at Ambrose

Worship in Chapel at Ambrose University
Chapel Services

Twice a week our campus community gathers for chapel services. These are times to worship through singing, praying and hearing from the Scriptures (the Bible). Ambrose faculty, staff and students preach and share encouraging stories about their spiritual journeys.

Music plays a central role in campus worship. Student music teams lead most chapels with regular involvement by Ambrose choirs and choral groups. Many of these groups are open for auditions every fall semester. 

Ambrose chapels often feature guest speakers and performing artists. In recent years Ambrose has hosted Steve Bell, Scott Erickson, William Willimon, Elaine Storkey, Ruth Padilla DeBorst, and Sarah Coakley.

Ambrose has students from over 30 Christian denominations and traditions. Our worship services reflect that diversity. We encourage you to celebrate and learn from music and practices that are new, even as you confess the one who unites our worship—the Lord, Jesus Christ.

Chapel Times

Tuesday and Thursday
11:30 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
Ambrose gymnasium and online:

If you want to get involved in chapel services, talk to the Campus Worship Coordinator.

Chapel Recordings

We record most of our chapel services. To watch, listen, or share one of them go to

Deeper Life Conference

Early every fall semester, we take a full day to focus as a community on what it means to be followers of Jesus Christ. With every class and meeting on “pause” we gather to hear from a guest speaker in the morning and then explore practical ways to live our faith in afternoon workshops. Past speakers include James K.A. Smith, Bishop Mark MacDonald, Belden Lane, Norman Wirzba, and Kate Bowler. The topic for Deeper Life Conference changes yearly, sets the tone for the semester, and is often discussed in your classes.

Prayer Room

On campus we have a quiet place where you can go to pray alone or with a small group. This beautiful, small space has been designed specifically to help you retreat from the busyness of your day-to-day life and direct your thoughts toward Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The Prayer Room is L2059 on the second floor of Mjolsness Hall. You’ll recognize it by its colourful painted glass wall. There is no need to reserve the room for your individual use.

The residence buildings also each have rooms set aside for quiet prayer.

Community Groups

Community Groups gather weekly for support, friendship, and spiritual growth. Usually no larger than ten persons, such groups are led by a trained student leader who facilitates Christian discipleship through prayer, service, and Bible study. These are groups where you can make deep and lasting connections!

For more information on Community Groups, contact the Student Life office.

Local Church

Although Ambrose is a faith community that offers you regular fellowship and great ways to serve, our community isn't meant to be a substitute for local church involvement. We encourage you to expand your Christian community outside Ambrose by becoming part of one of the many diverse and vibrant congregations in and around Calgary.

If you want information about local churches that you could get involved in, contact the Student Life office.

Campus Chaplain

Ambrose Campus Chaplain Terry Fach
Our Campus Chaplain is entrusted with fostering spiritual life and growth at Ambrose. By overseeing regular worship services and special events, selecting guest speakers, mentoring worship leaders and much more, the Chaplain encourages a dynamic and challenging spiritual atmosphere on campus. The Chaplain is also an educator, introducing students to a variety of forms of Christian religious expression through the use of liturgy and spiritual practices.

Terry Fach

Campus Chaplain

403-410-2000 ext. 5915