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Ambrose Day 2023

Monday, August 28, 2023
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    Ambrose day 2023

Ambrose Day, a time where all faculty and staff collect to reflect on the previous year and discuss the year to come.

Ambrose Day started with worship and words of scripture led by Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology, Mark Buchanan. Mark encouraged those in attendance to keep hearts open to the Lord in service, that this would be the core of everything we do at Ambrose.

President, Dr. Gordon T. Smith, in his final Ambrose day address of his 10-year tenure, raised the question “what does it mean to be a university?” Dr. Smith spoke on Ambrose’s shift to a liberal arts University. Such a shift, he stated, was made in order to serve the young people that seek an education anchored in faith but have been called into business, social work, the arts and much more. Dr. Smith concluded that being a university means having a foundation in the arts and sciences, the responsibility to expand imagination and grow in wisdom, and lastly, the cultivation of character through formation and virtue. He finished with an impactful statement on the overarching mission of Ambrose as a university. That mission being to teach our students how to think - to create disciples and enable them to think for themselves, confidently through faith.

Chair of the Board of Governors, Debi Mills, responded to Dr. Smith’s address presenting some remarks she had heard from both alumni and current Ambrose students. One key word she picked out was ‘transformative.’ Noting the change that liberal arts universities make in people’s lives, Debi spoke on how liberal arts universities are the pillars of society. She talked about how we draw on religious convictions to inspire our thoughts and actions. Debbi concluded with words of encouragement to staff and faculty, “stay the course at Ambrose University.”

An introduction to newest staff, faculty and board members followed. Along with a recognition of those that have served Ambrose University for 5, 10 and 30 years. Dr. Ken Nickel, Associate Professor of Philosophy, spoke on his 30 years at CBC-turned-Ambrose University and his journey into philosophy from his early studies in kinesiology. 

Chair of the Presidential Search Committee, Dale Meister, addressed the state of the presidential search and asked for prayers in the process ahead.