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Ambrose First University in Alberta to Join Green Chemistry Commitment

Monday, September 28, 2020

Ambrose University is pleased to announce its recent signing of Beyond Benign’s Green Chemistry Commitment. Beyond Benign provides educators with the tools, training, and support to make green chemistry an integral part of chemistry education.

Ambrose is one of three Canadian universities to make this commitment and the first in the prairies.

“Green chemistry has been a priority for our faculty members for several years,” said Dr. Matthew Morris, Co-Chair of the Biology program. “By signing this agreement, we are uniting the passion of our faculty, the mission of the university with an organization that can support us as we seek to find greener solutions as we educate the next generation of chemists. There are many harsh chemicals that are used by chemists, by increasing our commitment to green chemistry we are providing a safer alternative for our students and the environment.”

As part of this commitment, Ambrose will be further incorporating green chemistry into all of our chemistry practices.

“We engaged Ambrose University based on contributions to the green chemistry education field made by Dr. Liza Abraham,” stated Beyond Benign’s Executive Director, Dr. Amy Cannon, “We are excited to have Ambrose University join our Green Chemistry Commitment community of over 70 college and universities to share their work, learn from like-minded colleagues and collaborate to advance sustainability practices in chemistry education.”

In 2019, a newly constructed laboratory was completed at Ambrose to accommodate the growing sciences programs offered at Ambrose. This laboratory also features new equipment that will allow for the green chemistry practices to be easily incorporated into the curriculum.