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Ambrose Global Missions Society (AGMS)

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Reach – Leadership Team

Are you passionate about cross-cultural ministries and global missions and want to drive the interest and create awareness of global missionary issues at Ambrose? You should consider joining the leadership team of Reach!

The role of the leadership team of Reach is to create and run events that engage the students, faculty and staff of Ambrose University & Seminary with issues and trends regarding global missions. These events include Missions Chapels and events where students can interact with international workers and find ways to engage in and support projects having a global impact.

Please consider signing up and joining our leadership team and help us forge a new future with Reach!

Guidelines for Reach

PURPOSE:  to create and run events that engage the students, faculty and staff of Ambrose University & Seminary with projects, issues and trends regarding global missions.


  1. The Reach team shall meet regularly, according to a plan established at the beginning of each semester.
  2. Attendance at Reach team meetings is compulsory.  Every effort will be made to establish a mutually agreed upon date by members.


The Reach team shall consist of the following members-


Seminary representative(s)

Undergrad representative(s)



  1. To be the official voice of Reach for the students, faculty, and staff of Ambrose.
  2. To be the chairperson at the meeting of the Reach team, and to prepare an agenda for each team meeting.
  3. To give guidance and oversight to all of the student activities and committees appointed by the Reach team.
  4. To ensure the planning and the implementation of plan for Reach activities.
  5. To be responsible for liaison with the Student Council Executive with regular communication with the Student Council President or his/her designate.
  6. To work closely with and be responsible to the Advisors.
  7. To carry out any other duties as agreed upon by the Reach team.


  1. To participate in each meeting.
  2. To actively participate in the planning and implementation of Reach activities.
  3. The following areas will be delegated at the beginning of the semester, according to giftedness and passion:
    1. Promotion
      1. To plan for levels of missions promotion on the campus involving the use of the bulletin board, the world map, the seminary lounge, email and student portal, and other venues of publicity.  To participate in campus-wide orientation week in September, and other opportunities as they arise.
    2. Prayer
    3. Chapel_Music_Worship
    4. Prayer coordinator
    5. Secretary/Treasurer

REACH Chapels

  1. To oversee the organization and implementation of AGMS chapels for the promotion of missions awareness.


  1. To serve in an advisory role in the Reach team.
  2. To serve as a liaison between the Reach and the faculty through regular communication with the Dean.
  3. To be present and actively participating at all Reach meetings.
  4. To be present at all activities organized by the Reach.

Please contact Kara Friesen at for more information.