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Ambrose Winter 2023 Convocation Chapel

Friday, January 13, 2023
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    Convocation Chapel 2023

Ambrose held its Winter 2023 Convocation Chapel on Tuesday, January 10. President, Dr. Gordon T. Smith, began the chapel by recognizing a new faculty member and welcoming back returning faculty members from their sabbaticals.

The audience was led in worship which was followed by a ‘Faith Now’ story by Dr. Sherry Martens, Dean of School of Education. Dr. Martens discussed how she had been first introduced to the Lord in Sunday School and had lived a life devoted to Jesus, She highlighted her first job upon graduating university as a teacher in a small community near Slave Lake. Reflecting on her time there, she realised, with support from community and staff, why God had led her there. In a full circle moment, Dr. Martens highlighted that one of the students from this school would be speaking at this years Ambrose graduation ceremony.

The Dean of Theology, Dr. Rev. Bryce Ashlin-Mayo followed with a scripture reading from the story of Jonah as an interlude to Dr. Ken Draper, Professor of History. Dr. Draper reviewed the story of Jonah highlighting how in times of distress we need to call out to God. Noting that Gods actions are rarely how we expect them to be, Dr. Draper points out “neat and clean is rarely where we come to Gods grace.” To conclude, Dr. Draper encouraged students in this new semester to seek Gods grace and compassion even in the mess.

The chapel concluded with prayer from students led by the Student Council President, Cassidy Hackl.

Watch the Convocation Chapel