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Bachelor of Business Administration Student Receives Scholarship from EDC

Wednesday, September 20, 2023
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    Diana Hruba

Each year, Export Development Canada (EDC) awards scholarships to deserving students through their Youth Education Program. EDC stands as a beacon of support for nurturing future leaders in business, consistently championing the growth of emerging entrepreneurs and industries.

One of EDC's standout initiatives is its investment in future leaders through scholarships, mentorship programs, and educational partnerships. By fostering the next generation of business innovators, EDC not only fuels economic growth but also cultivates a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in Canada.

It is with great pleasure that Ambrose University would like to congratulate second year Bachelor of Business Administration student Diana Hruba on receiving the highly competitive International Business Scholarship from EDC. Diana, a Ukrainian international student, has exemplified strong academic performance and a dedication to her community through extra-curricular and volunteer initiatives. Congratulations.

To read more on EDC and their Youth Education Program please visit:

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I was blessed with this scholarship and I am immensely grateful to EDC which has enabled me to unleash my potential and pursue my education at Ambrose University. I am also deeply thankful to my professor Murray MacTavish whose unwavering support and encouragement played an integral role in this achievement. This scholarship not only provides an important financial support but also empowers me to channel all my energy towards achieving my academic goals and realizing my dreams. I am forever grateful for those who believed in me and for the doors it has opened for me."

Diana Hruba
recipient of EDC Scholarship, second-year Business Administration student.