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3 Most Interesting Classes I Took at Ambrose


My name is Jena Peterson, and I am in my fourth year of Behavioural Science at Ambrose University. As I finish up my degree, here are three of the classes that stood out to me most.

Practicum (Behavioural Science)

The Behavioural Science (BHS) practicum is a chance for BHS students to connect with organizations in the city that match their areas of interest. Some of the groups you can chose to work with are kids, immigrants, seniors, or at-risk youth. Personally, I did my practicum at a Kindergarten. I plan to go into education, so this was a great experience. I got to follow a classroom throughout the year and learn from the teachers. I was invited to fully participate in the classroom – and trust me, crafts and dodgeball were an amazing break from my other classes.

Play Therapy (Psychology)

This class is open to any student to take because it is an introductory level course. Play Therapy shows you a really cool way of providing therapy to children through the language they are most familiar with – play! But it is not just for kids; the benefit of taking an experiential course like Play Therapy is that you end up being able to try out a lot of the activities yourself! It was a very relaxing mid-week check-in for me. Some of the activities I enjoyed the most were things like self-reflection through painting and writing stories to help children learn more about their fears and emotions.

Organizational Behavior (Business)

This class is one that I took last semester. It is a hybrid of a Business class and a Psychology class. I enjoyed this course because it showed what a real-life application of psychology could look like. We took workplace ideas like teamwork and management and examined what affect psychology can have in these areas. My favorite example of this was looking at how factors like personality and psychological wellness can have a huge impact on workplace behaviour.

Friday, April 1, 2022