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Bae Watch - Seminar: Emotional Abuse in Romantic Relationships

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Join us for a Zoom seminar led by Jenn Betts, Registered Psychologist, on a discussion on abuse within romantic relationships. Main points covered include; how to identify abuse (with a focus on emotional abuse), how to support someone who you think is currently in an abusive relationship, and how to support those who are thinking of leaving or have left an abusive relationship. Jenn will also address those directly in abusive relationships as well and offer them practical advice and supports to help them in their relationship.

Although emotional abuse and gas-lighting is unfortunately not an unusual occurrence in romantic relationships, it’s particularly relevant and important to address this during COVID, as there has been a marked increase in formal reports of domestic violence over the past few months in Calgary (Alberta is noted as having one of the highest domestic violence rates in Canada).

Thursday, June 24, 2021