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HUM 101 Reading and Writing for University


A themed introduction to critical reading and writing for university students. This course combines a systematic consideration of the elements of expository and argumentative writing, training in active reading strategies that facilitate that writing, and instruction in the fundamentals of English grammar and sentence structure.

The course is divided into two units. Students will be presented, in Unit 1, with the basic concepts of thesis statements, evidence, interpretation, argumentation, and audience, and in Unit 2, with ideas relating to structure, organization, and citation. This course also illustrates the importance of revising written drafts and offers strategies for doing so.

To provide a context for student writing, each section of HUM 101 will explore at an introductory level a different theme reflecting conversations across the Humanities. The thematic focus for this section is “Heroes and Heroism.” Despite these different themes, all sections’ primary emphasis will be on core writing skills training—not only critical reading and writing but skills that will help students manage the requirements of a university education.