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PS 405 Positive Psychology and Human Flourishing

This course provides an introduction to the history and philosophical foundations of Positive Psychology and its interface with the current theory and practice paradigms embracing the concepts of Human Flourishing and Well-Being.  Exploration of the paradigm shift from the medical model to strengths-based practice, applications of positive psychology, role of happiness and positive mental health, and applied practice frameworks of human flourishing will be explored from both psychological and theological standpoints while also considering the impact of culture and development pursuit of well-being across the lifespan. The focus of the course is the various ways in which psychology, medical science and theology interact and inform the study and applied practice of positive psychology, positive mental health and actualization of human flourishing.  The class will emphasize self-determination, narrative pathways towards self-actualization, role of personal, environmental and performance strengths, the brain science of positive change/learning, resilience theory and growth mindset, role of risk and life challenges and future directions and expressions of human flourishing. Lectures will include discussion and activities that are connected to the readings from the course text and assigned readings.