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Welcome to Humanities at Ambrose, where our first question is not “what do you want to do?” but “who do you want to be?” Explore this question in our Christian Studies, History, English, or General Studies programs. Join us in the pursuit of the highest things: truth, beauty, and goodness. 


 The Humanities are an attempt to understand what we as humans are and what we have done, and to imagine what we can do better. When we put all of those questions into conversation with who God is and whom He has created us to be, it makes our understanding that much richer. 

Dr. Jonathan Goossen - Chair, Humanities


Why Humanities at Ambrose?

Interdisciplinary: Each degree in the humanities requires you to take a range of courses in complementary fields. For instance, you can expand your study of Greek and Roman history through classes in Greek philosophy, language, and Greek and Roman literature.

Faculty/student Interaction: Class sizes are small, so faculty get to know their students and students get to know their faculty. As a result, conversations continue outside of the classroom in a way that leads to unique learning and research opportunities with faculty.

Faith Integration: Faculty bring their Christian perspectives to bear on questions that concern what it means to be human—questions that sit at the core of the humanities. What does human freedom look like? Is it possible? Why do we suffer? What makes for beauty?


Faculty and Staff