Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer

Ambrose Dog Days of Summer

Things got a little hairy on Monday, June 11 as a number of staff brought their furry friends to work for our annual Ambrose Dog Days of Summer. When announcing the event, president Gordon Smith quipped that some see the day as a "high point in the academic calendar for those who understand the place of dogs in the economy of the Creator."

For this one day, the quiet absence of students was replaced by the odd bark or a rare battle over a bone. This year's sophmore dogs pranced from office to office, supervising most closely at lunch time. A few first-year's had trouble containing their excitement and had to be excused early.

Overall, it was a fun day getting to know our extended Ambrose family.  Happy Summer!


Stella den Engelsen on Dog Day
Bailey Yu on Dog Day
Violet Campbell on Dog Day