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Kyoko Hashimoto Piano Master Class

Student from the Studio of Rachel Goldenberg

A Time of Lament

Ambrose High School Choir Collaboration

Jazz Day 2017

Concerto Concert

Love and Information

Love and Information

Matinee - Love and Information

Ambrose Choirs & Alumni Reception in Red Deer

Love and Information

Jazz Night Take Two


Gala Concert

Gala Concert 2017



Guitar & Chamber Singers Concert

Orchestra Concert - Bohemian Rhapsody

Songs of the Silver Screen

The Reformation at 500: Singing the Gospel: Lutheran Hymns and the Success of the Reformation

Praise & Music in Cantonese

Women in Parliament: An Ambrose Theatre Production

Season of Light: Christmas Music Event

Women in Parliament: Theatre Matinee

Music Concert: Students of Rachel Goldenberg

Music Concert: A Time of Lament

A Time for Lament

Ambrose High School Choir Collaboration Music

Along the Road to Freedom -- Art Exhibition Opening

Concerto Concert - Chamber Orchestra

Chamber Singers Fund-Raising Concert

As it is in Heaven: An Ambrose Theatre Production

Music Concert: Messiah

Jazz Night Take Two

What Dreams May Come: An Ambrose Theatre Production

Ambrose Music Department's Celebratory Year-End Concert!

Vertical Human Horizontal World

Ambrose University Singers Fall Concert 2018

An Evening of Fryderyk Chopin Fundraiser for Ambrose Music Scholarships

Ambrose Jazz Night Fall 2018

Christmas Concert 2018: Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh

Ambrose University Singers Presents A Celebration of Folk

Ambrose Concerto Concert 2019

The Great Divorce: Theatre Performance

SURGE: An Ambrose Arts Fusion

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Lions Volleyball


Lions Volleyball -- Senior Night


Lions Basketball -- Senior Night


Winter Modulars // Student Reading Week


ACAC Women's Volleyball Championships


Presidential Scholarship Competition 2019


Leadership Workshop: The Life of David


Ambrose Concerto Concert 2019


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