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Kyoko Hashimoto Piano Master Class

Student from the Studio of Rachel Goldenberg

A Time of Lament

Ambrose High School Choir Collaboration

Jazz Day 2017

Concerto Concert

Love and Information

Love and Information

Matinee - Love and Information

Ambrose Choirs & Alumni Reception in Red Deer

Love and Information

Jazz Night Take Two


Gala Concert


Gala Concert 2017


Guitar & Chamber Singers Concert

Orchestra Concert - Bohemian Rhapsody

Songs of the Silver Screen

The Reformation at 500: Singing the Gospel: Lutheran Hymns and the Success of the Reformation

Praise & Music in Cantonese

Women in Parliament: An Ambrose Theatre Production

Season of Light: Christmas Music Event

Women in Parliament: Theatre Matinee

Music Concert: Students of Rachel Goldenberg

Music Concert: A Time of Lament

A Time for Lament

Ambrose High School Choir Collaboration Music

Along the Road to Freedom -- Art Exhibition Opening

Concerto Concert - Chamber Orchestra

Chamber Singers Fund-Raising Concert

As it is in Heaven: An Ambrose Theatre Production

Music Concert: Messiah

Jazz Night Take Two

What Dreams May Come: An Ambrose Theatre Production

Ambrose Music Department's Celebratory Year-End Concert!

Vertical Human Horizontal World

Ambrose University Singers Fall Concert 2018

An Evening of Fryderyk Chopin Fundraiser for Ambrose Music Scholarships

Ambrose Jazz Night Fall 2018

Christmas Concert 2018: Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh

Ambrose University Singers Presents A Celebration of Folk

Ambrose Concerto Concert 2019

The Great Divorce: Theatre Performance

SURGE: An Ambrose Arts Fusion

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Drum Set Camp


Jazz Camp 2019


Parent Orientation

First day of Classes

Ambrose 2019 Kick Off

Lions Women's Soccer

Lions Men's Soccer

Lions Women's Soccer

Lions Men's Soccer

Lions Women's Soccer

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