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Alliance History and Thought Registration Form

Alliance History and Thought is a course which surveys the origins of The Christian and Missionary Alliance movement in its social, cultural, and theological context, with emphasis on its historical continuities and changes, and evaluating Alliance "distinctives." 

Some important notes about the Alliance History & Thought Classes: 

  • For licensing purposes, you must take the course for credit and you only need to take it at the undergraduate level. 
  • The form must be filled out in its entirety. If you neglect to answer required questions, you will not be able to submit the form.
  • If you are a current Ambrose student, use the Student Registration System to enrol in this class.
  • An Alberta Student Number is a legal requirement for taking classes at post-secondary institutions in Alberta. If you do not have one or cannot remember yours, you can request it by visiting the Learner Registry

If you have any questions, please email

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Please Note: If you do not have education higher than a Post-Secondary Diploma or Certificate, we strongly recommend you register for an undergraduate level Alliance History & Thought class. The Seminary level version of the class will have significantly higher academic expectations. 
Class Selection
Professor: Ken Draper
Location: Online
Dates: January 8 - April 23, 2024
Time: Asynchronous
Language: English
Study Level: Undergraduate
Semester: Winter 2024
Professor: Ken Draper
Location: Online
Dates: January 8 - April 23, 2024
Time: Asynchronous
Language: English
Study Level: Seminary
Semester: Winter 2024
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The difference between credit and audit is that by taking a class for credit, you are required to complete all assignments and tests and will receive a letter grade based on your performance that will become a part of your academic record. By taking a class for audit, you are not required to complete assignments and tests, and you will receive a grade indicator of AU (Audit) that will become a part of your academic record.

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