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Graduating Seminary student completes successful evaluation tool as final project

Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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    sarah hunter

Sarah Hunter is approaching her graduation with a Master’s degree in Leadership & Ministry at Ambrose University and is currently working for the Western District of the Christian & Missionary Alliance. As her final project before graduation in her ministry coaching class, Sarah has created a discernment tool for elders/lead teams to begin where they are at with the discipleship process.

This experiential learning tool is the first of at least three that Sarah is working on for the Alliance, and her intention is that it is a tool used for churches. The tool leads participants through a guided conversation and reflection on the topic of disciple-making. The tool was created to lead teams through critical reflection activity, and this first tool is created strictly with the intention to “get the conversation started”.

The journey, all engagingly laid out in a presentation video where Sarah guides viewers through the process covers a few main ideas:

  • Reflection on what we presently do with respect to disciple-making
  • Reflection on why we do what we do, and where we see it leading us
  • Discovery on the recent best thinking on the area of disciple-making
  • An honest assessment of the effectiveness of our methods at making disciples who make disciples
  • An opportunity to join an extended journey of evaluation and adjustment to present disciple-making methods, measurements, and culture.

In debriefing conversations with her supervising professor for this project, Dr. Ric Strangway, Dr. Strangway asked Sarah if her seminary education at Ambrose has played into the work she did on this particular project, and Sarah’s answer was that “the entire seminary program over all her years played into the project.”

Congratulations Sarah on your successful project. Sarah is another example of the strong and practical theological education that Ambrose University is providing. You can see the tool she has created here.