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New Partnership with Yorkville University

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Friday, March 4, 2022
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Ambrose is pleased to announce a new partnership with Yorkville University in New Brunswick.

Yorkville offers flexible learning opportunities through both in-person and online learning, including an online Master of Education in Educational Leadership which is designed for leadership in K-12 schools. Through the School of Education, Ambrose delivers a Leadership Quality Standards certificate that provides accreditation for the Principal Certification as defined by the Professional Standards - Ministry of Education in the Province of Alberta.

Under the terms of this partnership, Ambrose students who have taken the Leadership Quality Standards certification courses now have the opportunity to transfer those courses for credit into the online Master of Education in Educational Leadership degree offered by Yorkville University. Ambrose students who are admitted to the Yorkville Master of Education program will also be provided with a tuition bursary of 20% under this agreement.

This is an excellent example of Ambrose partnerships that act as a bridge to further education for graduates. A special thank you to Sherry Martens, Associate Dean of Education, for designing the Principal Certification courses with sufficient rigor that they are recognized at the graduate level.

We are grateful to Yorkville University for their partnership!