Craig Harding, PhD

Craig Harding Sessional Instructor Ambrose Education
Sessional - Education


PhD (University of British Columbia)

MA (Gonzaga University)

B.Ed, BPE (University of Calgary)


Having spent many years teaching junior high, Craig brings a wealth of insights into the entire school experience including curriculum and young learners. Throughout his career, Craig has taught social studies to both junior high students and pre-service undergraduate students. As well, he is a sessional instructor in on-line graduate education classes at the University of New Brunswick. With a passion for all things social studies including history education, citizenship education and issues of social justice, Craig has had the opportunity to co-author numerous textbooks for the Alberta and British Columbia social studies curriculum. Although he is most enthusiastic while teaching, Craig is a life long learner who has numerous publications and seeks to collaborate with others in the department to continue research in various areas of teacher education.