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Ken Nickel, PhD

Associate Professor, Philosophy
Phone number
(403) 407-9471
Email Address


PhD (University of Western Ontario)
MSc (University of Regina)
MAR (Canadian Theological Seminary)
BPAS (University of Regina)

Signature Courses

PH 125 Introduction to Philosophy
PH 203 Philosophy of Religion
PH 230 Philosophy of Law
PH 300 Philosophy of Science
PH 302 Ethics
PH 320 Bioethics
PH 340 Ancient Philosophy
PH 350 Political Philosophy.

Select Publications

Nickel, K. (2017). Properly Basic Theistic Belief: A Sesame Street Objection. Think, 16(47), 45-56.
Nickel, K. (2023). Jordan Peterson's Confusion over Religious Symbolism: A Lesson from Cain and Abel. Think, 22(65), 45-52.