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Wilian Gatti Jr., PhD

Associate Professor, School of Business
Phone number
(403) 407-9474
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Wilian Gatti Junior is an educator and researcher in strategy, entrepreneurship, and innovation who has also worked as an industry executive, and entrepreneur. His current research aims to empower students to use design and games to create meaningful knowledge, build social connections, and express identity. He received the Pedagogical Innovation and Teaching Excellence awards from the Rennes School of Business in 2022 through his work on entrepreneurship education. Wilian and his family have lived in three different countries, which has given them lots of wonderful experiences. They are active members of the St. James Anglican Church here in Calgary. Wilian shares his love for board games (mainly chess) and sports with his two children.


PhD (University of Calgary)
PhD (Universidade de São Paulo)
MSc (Universidade de São Paulo)
MBA (Universidade de São Paulo)
BA (Fundação Escola de Comércio Álvares Penteado)

Signature Courses

BUS/DVST/IND 290 Innovative & Entrepreneurial Thinking
BUS 410 Advanced Strategy

Select Publications

Gatti Junior, W., Kim, B., Tan, L. (2022). Looking inside the box to think outside it: Contextualizing design thinking. In: Tan, L., Kim, B. (eds) Design Praxiology and Phenomenology. Springer. (Link:
Gatti Junior, W., Camargo Junior, A.S. and Varella, P. (2022). Intergenerational hybrid products in periods of discontinuous change. European Journal of Innovation Management 25(3), 860-880. (Link:
Gatti Junior, W. (2020). Pesquisa Operacional. SENAC Editora. (Operations Research - original in Portuguese)
Gatti Junior, W., Kim, B., Liu, L., & Lai, X. (2020). Green Economy game: A modular design approach for sustainable development education. International Journal of Designs for Learning, 11(2), 96-107. (Link:
Gatti Junior, W., Marasco, E., Kim, & B. Behjat, L. (2020). Supporting design thinking through a game-based pedagogy in entrepreneurship education. Papers on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching, 4, 39-49. (Link:
Marasco, E., Gatti Junior, W., Kim, B., Behjat, L., & Eggermont, M. (2017). Curious conversations: Using game-based learning to develop creative culture within technical courses. Papers on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching, 2, 57-63. (Link: