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Business Administration (BA Three-Year)

  • BBA 3 year concentration at ambrose

This concentration prepares leaders for careers in management, as well as redemptive engagement with society. As a student in this program, you will emerge with an integrated approach to business, enhanced by a broad base of knowledge from your liberal arts courses. One of the most critical skills you will acquire is familiarity with information technology and its uses in business. Graduates of this program are effective communicators, strategic thinkers, and thoughtful individuals. 

Beyond the Classroom

Make business connections through industry events, lunch ‘n learns, case competitions, guest speakers, and mentorship opportunities. Travel abroad with your classmates and professors to conduct case studies and research on community development and business.

Program Streams

Choose from one of the four streams to customize your degree to your personal career goals:

  • Accounting (accredited by CPA Canada)
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Human Resources and Organizational Development (accredited by CPHR Alberta)
  • Marketing
Credit Breakdown

Business is offered in both a four-year, 120-credit degree and a three-year, 90-credit concentration. We recommend the Concentration for those planning on continuing their studies upon completion.

Your Future

Here's a sampling of the jobs our alumni are working in or entered through further studies.

  • Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Social Entrepreneur
  • Business Analyst
  • Human Resource Officer (accredited by CPHR Alberta)
  • Accountant (accredited by CPA Canada)
  • Sustainability Consultant
business at ambrose

Featured Courses

  • BUS 211 Business Ethics And Sustainability

    A course applying concepts, theories, and moral decision procedures found in moral philosophy to a broad range of issues currently encountered in the business context, including: “whistle-blowing,” advertising, employee treatment, insider trading and accounting practices, product liability, corporate social responsibility and issues in international business.

  • BUS 250 Organizational Behaviour

    This course introduces students to the theory of organizational behaviour (the study of people at work in organizations). It examines the behaviours of individuals working alone or in teams, and how organizations' characteristics, management practices and other factors influence this behaviour, and ultimately organizational effectiveness. It also examines the process of organizational change.

  • BUS 372 - Data Analysis for Business

    An introduction to business analytics through the use of data analysis techniques and tools to make data-driven business decisions. Students will think critically about business problems and learn how to build basic predictive models using spreadsheet software. The focus will be on the practical use of analytical tools. Instruction will consist of lecture and tutorials.