Certificate in Intercultural Studies


The Certificate in Intercultural Studies prepares students to work in a variety of intercultural professional vocations both domestically and internationally. The courses for the certificate may be completed online over a two-year interval. A completed Certificate in Intercultural Studies may be fully applied to the requirements of the Master in Intercultural Ministries or the Master of Divinity program.

Earn your Certificate in Intercultural Studies with [21] credits:

Biblical and Theological Studies (6 credits)
  • TH 501 The Christian Confession

One of the following:

  • OT 502 Pentateuch
  • NT 502 Synoptic Gospels
Personal Formation and Leadership (6 credits)
  • LE 503 Leadership and Leadership Formation
  • PT 501 Personal Formation and Development

One of the following:

  • ED 506 Christian Formation in Community
  • MI 501 Personal & Corporate Outreach
Intercultural Studies (6 credits)
  • MI 502 Intercultural Competence
  • MI 503 Mission in Global Perspective


General Requirements for Completion and Graduation:

  • Completion of a total of 21 credits (as outlined above)
  • A Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of at least 2.7

This program requirement information is subject to change without notice.

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