Certificate in Spiritual Care


This program of studies is intended to introduce skills for professional practice, disciplines for self-knowledge and self-care, leadership skills, and the ability to engage diverse sectors so that graduates are able to do spiritual care or chaplaincy work in a variety of contexts.

Students may complete the 21 credits at a variety of institutions.

Earn your Certificate in Spiritual Care with [21] credits:

[12] Credits -

SC 501 - Foundations of Spiritual Care

SC 625 - Professional Ethics

LE 503 - Leadership & Leadership Formation

MI 502 - Intercultural Competence

[6] Credits -
Electives (PICK 2)

SC 610 - The Ministry of the Chaplain

SC 613 - Introduction to Prison Chaplaincy

SC 615 - Spiritual Care of the Dying

LE 633 - Leadership and Resilience

CC 602 - Crisis Counselling

PT 501 - Personal Formation & Development

[3] Credits -

PT 712/721 - Pastoral Intership or Mentorship

MI 712/720 - Intercultural Internship or Mentorship


SC 715/716 - Clinical Pastoral Education*

*CPE is optional, but may be required for some employment contexts.


Your Future

This is your career


  • Hospital
  • Prison
  • University
  • Industrial Setting

Church-related Ministries

Para-church professional ministries

Non-profit agencies

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Step by step

As classes add up, so do your credentials.

You can start with 1 class that interests you, and build up to a degree. Apply your Certificate in Spiritual Care credits toward a Diploma in Christian Studies. Add 10 more credits to complete a full degree.


way toward a Master's degree

Beyond the Classroom

One-credit workshops are held in churches around Calgary to connect our students to the local community of ministry. Take three one-day workshops to apply toward your certificate.

Staff and Faculty

Name Position Location Email Phone
Jo-ann Jo-Ann Badley, PhD, MCS, BA (Honours) Dean of Theology
Associate Professor of New Testament
L2043 jbadley@ambrose.edu -