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Certificate In Spiritual Care


This program of studies is intended to introduce skills for professional practice, disciplines for self-knowledge and self-care, leadership skills, and the ability to engage diverse sectors so that graduates are able to do spiritual care or chaplaincy work in a variety of contexts.

The Certificate in Spiritual Care can also be completed concurrently with one of our full-length programs. Students can take courses that would meet the requirements for the Certificate in Spiritual Care as part of the MDiv or MLM program and earn both credentials.

Students may complete the 21 credits at a variety of institutions.

Earn your Certificate in Spiritual Care with 21 credits

12 credits, required courses

  • SC 501 - Foundations of Spiritual Care
  • SC 625 - Professional Ethics
  • LE 503 - Leadership & Leadership Formation
  • MI 502 - Intercultural Competence

6 credits from electives (pick 2)

  • SC 610 - The Ministry of the Chaplain
  • SC 613 - Introduction to Prison Chaplaincy
  • SC 615 - Spiritual Care of the Dying
  • LE 633 - Leadership and Resilience
  • CC 602 - Crisis Counselling
  • PT 501 - Personal Formation & Development

3 credits in field placement (pick 1)

  • PT 712/721 - Pastoral Internship or Mentorship
  • MI 712/720 - Intercultural Internship or Mentorship

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

  • SC 715/716 - Clinical Pastoral Education*

*CPE is optional, but may be required for some employment contexts.

Beyond the Classroom

One-credit workshops are held in churches around Calgary to connect our students to the local community of ministry. Take three one-day workshops to apply toward your certificate.

Credit Breakdown

As classes add up, so do your credentials.

You can start with 1 class that interests you, and build up to a degree. Apply your Certificate in Spiritual Care credits toward a Diploma in Christian Studies. Add 10 more credits to complete a full degree.

Your Future
  • Chaplain
    • Hospital
    • Prison
    • University
    • Industrial Setting
  • Church-related Ministries
  • Para-church professional ministries
  • Non-profit agencies
intercultural ministries

Featured Courses

  • SC 501 Foundations of Spiritual Care

    An introduction to the scope and provision of spiritual care within various institutional settings. The course will integrate readings, spiritual assessments, theological reflection, verbatim/case reviews, and classroom presentations and discussions. Note: SC 501 cannot be substituted for PT 610 Theology & Practice of Spiritual Care.

  • SC 645 - Spiritual Care for Older Adults

    The aging population of North America challenges pastors and spiritual care workers to minister well in this growing sub-population.  This course examines issues faced by older adults: retirement and health; questions of faith and family; as well as dying and death.  It prepares ministers to address the joys and challenges that come to those in their last decades of life.

  • LE 633 - Leadership and Resilience

    A study of the biblical call to endurance in life and service, complemented by an examination of contemporary research on resilience. A variety of case studies will be explored and analyzed prompting students to create a personal resilience strengthening strategy.

  • PT 501 Personal Formation and Development

    This course helps the student develop a rule of life that fits their personality, season of life, and unique situation. It explores the nature and goal of spiritual formation, as well as examines our rich inheritance of spiritual practices from scripture and church history. The student will also be asked to undertake an intensive study of one biblical or historical figure in light of that indivual's spiritual formation (and, if warranted, deformation).

Program Information