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The Canadian Chinese School of Theology at Ambrose (CCSTAS) educates and equips Chinese believers who are called to serve our Lord Jesus Christ by fulfilling the great commission at home and around the world.

Through CCSTAS, you can earn an accredited degree that is taught in Mandarin, complemented by Cantonese or English:

  • Master of Divinity

  • Master of Christian Studies

You can also complete a diploma or certificate in Christian Studies.

鑑於華人教會對教牧領導的殷切需求,恩道大學學院之恩道神學院,聯同加拿大華人宣道會聯會(CCACC) 及加拿大華人神學教育協會(ACCTE) 達成合作協議,提供道學碩士、領導與事工碩士、領導與事工文憑及華人事工證書課程。基於這合作關係,加拿大恩道華人神學院(CCSTAS) 正式創立。加拿大恩道華人神學院(CCSTAS) 所採用的教學語言以普通話為主導,輔以廣東話或英語。加拿大恩道華人神學院(CCSTAS) 提供的所有學位與恩道神學院學位同儕,完全符合美加神學院協會(ATS) 所釐訂的學術水平及獲得該會認證。恩道神學院通過以結合屬靈、心智及事奉上的栽培,裝備一群在普世差傳事工上作事奉及領導的基督徒。


Your Future

This is your career

Prepare for your future as a Lead, Associate or Youth Pastor or get ready to work in Women's, Intercultural or Children's Ministry, through Ambrose Seminary's highly respected and popular Master of Divinity program.

This is where you can go

  • Lead Pastor
  • Associate Pastor
  • Youth or Children's Pastor
  • Intercultural Ministries


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Beyond the Classroom

Internship is the best way to get ready for ministry. During your internship experience, you’ll work alongside and be mentored by experienced ministry staff. As you apply the learning from your classes, you’ll develop practical skills and competencies for your future in ministry.

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