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Christian Studies


In Christian Studies, you will deepen your understanding of Biblical and theological interpretation in parallel with your knowledge of history, philosophy, and literature. Come and build a life-long foundation for faithful service to God, the church, and society.

*Ambrose students with a BA-Christian Studies may want to consider a MDiv for their next career steps. This degree qualifies for Advanced standing admission with Ambrose Seminary. Please contact the Admissions office for more information.

Program Streams
  • Biblical Literature & Interpretation
  • Christian Theology & History
Credit Breakdown

Christian Studies is offered in both a four-year 120-credit major and a three-year 90-credit concentration. We recommend the major for those planning to further their studies after graduation. This timeline is based on a full course load (five courses/semester) with courses usually being three credits. 

Your Future

Here's a sampling of the jobs our alumni have landed with this degree or entered through further studies:

  • Pastor
  • Professor
  • Teacher
  • Lawyer
  • Ministry professional
christian studies at ambrose university

I am thankful for my time at Ambrose and the manner in which my spiritual horizons expanded … there. I am thankful for my expanded understanding of different traditions across the globe, and also for my minor in Philosophy. These have helped me to carve out my own path and sort out who I am in the years since graduation."

From a survey of Ambrose Christian Studies Alumni

Featured Courses

  • REL 210 Life and Letters of Paul

    A study of the literary and theological legacy of the apostle Paul as it is expressed in the New Testament. This course will
    examine his biography, the sociology of the Pauline churches in the context of the first century A.D. Greco-Roman world,
    and significant aspects of his thought. Attention will be given to practical concerns of application and hermeneutical
    issues raised in applying Paul’s letters in the global world today.

  • REL 367 Theologies from the Margins

    A study of the theological expressions of those groups historically sidelined by theological dialogue and development. Particular attention will be paid to Liberation, Feminist, Black, and Minjung theologies, as well as the debate regarding Process and Openness theologies. Note: This course can fulfill a Senior Theology Elective for Ministry students.

  • REL 460 Biblical Theology

    A seminar course introducing advanced students to significant texts in the Christian theological tradition. The texts to be
    studied will vary from time to time according to the interests and expertise of the instructor. Representative texts might
    include John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion, part-volumes of Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics, and the works of
    Ambrose, Augustine, Martin Luther, Hildegard de Bingen, and Katherine Sonderegger.