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Continuing Education

Program Overview

1-credit workshops

Throughout the year Ambrose seminary offers one-credit workshops covering a diverse range of topics to help equip you for ministry. Featuring speakers such as Gordon T. Smith, Mark Buchanan, Dr. Terry Young, and more. These workshops can be taken for credit, allowing you the opportunity to earn credits through the flexibility of courses that fit your schedule and your life and helping you jumpstart your seminary education.

Program Streams
  • Leadership
  • Preaching
  • Theology
  • Pastoral Theology
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Flexible Course Options

  • Regular Daytime
  • Week-long
  • Evening
  • Weekend
  • Online
  • Hybrid

Step by step

As classes add up, so do your credentials.

You can start with 1 class that interests you, and build up to a degree. Apply your Certificate in Leadership credits toward a Diploma in Christian Studies. Add 10 more credits to complete a full degree.

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As classes add up, so do your credentials. Five classes gives you a certificate, at ten you have a diploma and at 20 you've completed a full degree.
Beyond the Classroom

Our one-day seminary workshops are held on the front lines of ministry in supporting churches around Calgary. Select workshops are available for out of town students through an online video stream.

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