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Master In Leadership And Ministry


Our Master in Leadership and Ministry (MLM) program prepares student for leadership in professional ministries in a range of specialized areas. Some of these areas include chaplaincy, leadership and non-profit work. The flexibility of the program allows students to focus their studies on appropriate classes for their interests and vocational goals.

This program is designed to enhance the ministries of experienced pastors and to prepare others for ministry roles such as education and discipleship, counselling or leadership, chaplaincy or community development.

Beyond the Classroom

Experience the joys, struggles, and lessons of ministry while being mentored by seasoned practitioners. Internship is the best way to develop the skills and competencies that will make you a confident ministry professional.


Your Future

Based on how you tailor your program, you’ll be prepared to serve in specialized ministries that will make the most of your gifts, calling, and education. Here is a sampling of the jobs our alumni have entered with this degree:

  • Church-related ministries
  • Para-church professional ministries
  • Non-Profit agencies
  • Chaplaincy in a hospital, prison, or industrial setting
Program Streams

The Master in Leadership and Ministry students have the option of doing degree specializations:

  • Leadership
  • Poverty Studies - In partnership with the Poverty Institute at Ambrose, students can take a specialization in poverty studies.
  • Chaplaincy - Spiritual Care workers—chaplains—are hired by a wide variety of employers: in health care facilities, in prisons, by the military, in non-profit agencies, in educational institutions, and in industrial workplaces. The type of training they require varies in different contexts. Ambrose Seminary offers basic chaplaincy training in the Master in Leadership and Ministry (MLM) program. The program introduces students to the knowledge and skills needed to offer spiritual care to people whose worldview may be different from theirs. Ambrose Seminary also facilitates the registration of students accepted for Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) by Alberta Health Services (AHS). Note: chaplaincy roles in AHS contexts are limited to those that have completed CPE.


Featured Courses

  • OT 502 Pentateuch

    An introduction to Old Testament studies and exegetical skills through the study of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. 

  • LE 503 - Leadership & Leadership Formation

    An exploration, analysis, and application of the field of leadership and personal leadership formation as it relates to ministry and marketplace environments. The goal is the shaping of skills in adaptive leadership placed around the core issue of character development.

  • MI 502 Intercultural Competence

    This course is designed to equip individuals to become more intentional about engaging in intercultural interactions. In the ongoing quest to value "others" and their "oneness," worldview differences are explored and habits for assessing and reengineering long held values are examined. Approaches for adjusting to and working with individuals with different cultural perspectives are investigated.

  • PT 501 Personal Formation and Development

    This course helps the student develop a rule of life that fits their personality, season of life, and unique situation. It explores the nature and goal of spiritual formation, as well as examines our rich inheritance of spiritual practices from scripture and church history. The student will also be asked to undertake an intensive study of one biblical or historical figure in light of that indivual's spiritual formation (and, if warranted, deformation).

  • SC 501 Foundations of Spiritual Care

    An introduction to the scope and provision of spiritual care within various institutional settings. The course will integrate readings, spiritual assessments, theological reflection, verbatim/case reviews, and classroom presentations and discussions. Note: SC 501 cannot be substituted for PT 610 Theology & Practice of Spiritual Care.

  • BT 633 - 1 Biblical Theology of Suffering & Hope

    Suffering is experienced both individually and in communities all over the world. How does Scripture help us to understand the nature of suffering and how to respond to suffering? How is the Christian hope understood in light of suffering? This course will explore how Scripture addresses these questions.

  • PV 501 - 1 Poverty in Western Society

    This course will provide an overview of the origins and understanding of poverty in western society from both a theoretical and theological standpoint. This will include a review of the sources of vulnerability that contribute to poverty and the psycho-social impacts of poverty on vulnerable populations and the broader society.

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