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Do you ever wonder why people behave the way that they do? If yes, you should take our Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. This program will teach you all about the human mind, how it works, how it is impacted by society and much more. Ambrose University is one of only three universities in western Canada to also integrate faith into understanding the human mind. 

Beyond the Classroom

Our BA goes beyond traditional classroom learning and gives you the opportunity to apply what you are learning in life. Ever wonder how psychological research works? We’ll teach you. Learning research techniques early in your educational journey will make you stand out after graduation. We’re one of the few universities that allows undergraduate students to actually conduct research which means you don’t want to miss out on this rare opportunity.

So, here's the deal:

Take five courses per semester for four years, and you’ll complete your Psychology degree 
[courses are worth 3 credits and 3 x 5 x 2 x 4 = 120 credits].



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Your Future

This is your career

The Psychology program is aimed at preparing students for graduate school. It is ideal for those wanting to go into graduate school in clinical psychology or do further work in basic research. It prepares students to work in the helping profession or in an academic research profession. The program also equips you with expertise in collecting and assessing information, which is necessary in our current informational economy.


in Canada for faculty-student interaction

Beyond the Classroom

In addition to meeting and exceeding best practice guidelines set out by the Canadian and American Psychological Associations, the psychology program offers the opportunity for hands on research experience working closely with faculty. This experience is usually not available to undergraduates and it gives you the opportunity to see how theory applies to life.

Staff and Faculty

Name Position Location Email Phone
James Cresswell Associate Professor of Psychology James Cresswell, PhD Professor of Psychology L2107 -
Alan Ho Associate Professor of Psychology Alan Ho, PhD Associate Professor of Psychology L2088 -