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Finish Free

Scholarship Deadline
Sep 01
Scholarship Amount
Full tuition
Scholarship Type
Scholarship Faculty

Your final year is free with our Master of Divinity degree.


Seminary students enroled in the Master of Divinity degree will be eligible for the final 30 Master of Divinity credits based on the criteria below.


1. Students must have completed a minimum of 60 credits at Ambrose Seminary, with 30 Master of Divinity credits remaining, in order to be eligible

2. Students must have a 3.0 CGPA

3. Must complete final 30 credits within 3 academic years

4. Students must declare enrolment in the Master of Divinity prior to the first day of classes in order to be eligible: September 1 for Fall enrolment and January 3 for Winter enrolment

5. Fees will still be applicable

6. The scholarship concludes upon graduation with the Master of Divinity degree

7. Students as part of the 5 year BA / MDiv program are not eligible

General Information:

Ambrose Seminary continues to value the importance of a Master of Divinity education yet realizes the financial limitations that can be placed on students. In order to encourage and support students through this degree, the Finish Free scholarship has been established.

*The Finish Free scholarship is dependent on available funding, and therefore, new Master of Divinity students (new to Ambrose or new to Master of Divinity transfer) are not guaranteed funding moving forward

Effective as of Jan. 28, 2018


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