Travel Bursary

Ambrose Travel Bursary 

Ambrose always welcomes out of town visitors to campus! Attend a designated event and register for courses at Ambrose and we will help you with your travel costs.

AB: up to $300 (depending on location)
BC and SK: up to $300
MB, ON, QC, YK, NT: up to $500
NB, NS, NL, PE: up to $700

Up to $500.00 US (depending on location)           


  • Travel assistance (e.g. flights, gas, accommodation, meals) is available for future students only (not family members)
  • Students must be residents and traveling from Canada or USA (as outlined above)
  • Students must be in Grade 11 or 12, or transferring from another institution (also applicable for seminary students)
  • Students must enrol in full-time studies at Ambrose (12 credit hours per semester)
  • Bring your travel receipts (if applicable) to preview weekend
  • Only one travel bursary per student will be issued

The travel bursary will be issued as a credit to the student’s tuition account in September upon enrolment. No cheques will be issued.


  • Register and participate in an eligible Ambrose event
  • Bring your flight, gas, travel, accommodation receipts to the event (if applicable)
  • Once you have enroled at Ambrose (as outlined above) your student account will be credited (in September) the amount corresponding to your location.

2010/2020 Events

The Ambrose travel bursary can be used for the following events:

  • Open House Weekend: November 1-2, 2019 (Friday Events)
  • Education Information Evening
  • Winter Open House
  • Your First Class: October 26, 2019

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