Travel with History

Step outside the classroom and into history as you venture from the medieval castles of Germany to the Reformation monuments in Switzerland, and the ancient sites in Greece and Italy. Revisit some the most defining moments in the development of Western culture and reflect on how the past grows into the present.

History travel study gives students the opportunity to discover the past in a whole new way, bringing to life the people and events we study in the classroom by exploring the sites where history was made.

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Past Travel Studies

Ambrose Reformation Study Tour (2017)

This trip will focus on the Lutheran Reformation in Germany. We will begin by considering the pre-Reformation Czech reform movement led by Jan Hus, then examine the life and ideas of Martin Luther, including his protest against church abuses, his theology of salvation by faith and grace, his insistence on the priesthood of all believers, and his conviction about the power of Scripture to change lives.

Landscapes of British Civilization (2015)

An exploration of Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Viking, and Norman sites from London to Newcastle.

Architecture of Power: Historical Castles, Churches, and Palaces from Paris to the German Rhineland (2013)

An immersion into medieval and early modern European royal and religious architecture, including a stint castle building in rural France!

Classical and Christian Roots of Western Civilization: Greece and Rome (2011)

A trip "back in time" to the ancient Greek, Roman, and Christian origins of Western Civilization.

In the Footsteps of the Reformers: Germany and Switzerland (2009)

From Wittenberg to Geneva, an exploration of the Lutheran, Zwinglian, and Calvinist Reformations.


travel with ambrose history
travel with ambrose history
travel with ambrose history








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