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Acting Program Requirements



Relevant theatre and arts experience (including theatre classes/productions, music lessons/proficiency, dance classes/productions, visual arts)


Applicants are to submit an essay 300-500 words in length on the following topic:      

  • What is the purpose of theatre in contemporary society?


Theatrical Experience

Interview and Audition

 Auditioning in person is the preferred route although a recorded audition is accepted for those students who live a considerable distance outside of Calgary. Please prepare in advance two contrasting monologues that are each 60-90 seconds in length.

  • Monologues may contrast in any number of ways (contemporary vs. classical, comedic vs. dramatic, Canadian vs. European, etc.), but they should clearly represent two different dimensions of your acting.
  • Monologues should be chosen that best represent who you are as an artist and actor at this stage in your career.
  • Monologue text should not be self-written or taken from stand-alone sources (i.e. stand-alone internet downloads), but come from published works (plays, poems, novels, the Bible, etc.) of your choosing. You should include an introduction of your piece titles and their authors in your audition.
  • Please prepare 16 bars of a song of your choosing.

During the audition you may be asked to adjust or re-work your monologue.  

*Applications are closed when the program is filled. The Diploma in Acting program has limited space; early applications are encouraged. Admission is competitive based and only complete applications will be considered.


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