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Cultivating the UNIQUE Artist

Ambrose Arts is passionate about unveiling, unmasking, and celebrating the artist living in you. We ask the big questions about what it means to be an artist in the 21st Century. It’s a laboratory of ideas about how artists might bring the thing they love, their art, to an audience and today’s world.

Faith Meets Exploration

Ambrose Arts is a place of crucial intersections where personal faith meets exploration, and where academia meets embodiment. Here you will explore both tradition and innovation together with a broad community of peers and scholars.

You Are an Instrument

Ambrose Arts is a place of agency. Small class sizes, intentional mentor-style learning, and connections to the arts communities in Calgary and beyond prepare students for the specific and individual life in the arts that they want to lead.

Here at Ambrose Arts, whether your plan is performance, grad school, ministry, or “not sure,” we are glad you have come.

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The 2021-2022 Ambrose Arts Season

We continue to make plans...and hold them loosely.

Please RSVP and receive the links. These are both a gift to you and we hope you'll consider making a donation to support our artists in training.

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Barrett Hileman Ambrose Arts Divisional Chair
Barrett Hileman
Ambrose Arts
Divisional Chair

Val Lieske Associate Director of Theatre
Val Lieske
Ambrose Arts Theatre
Associate Director

mark bartel
Ambrose Arts Music
Associate Professor