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BHS Practicum Feedback and Comments


“[BHS student] appeared eager to learn about [agency] and our clients. [BHS student]’s self awareness has grown in this past year … [student was] one of the first practicum students who was actively involved in supervision and seeking feedback … [BHS student] overcame initial concerns on how to relate to clients. The youth reported that [BHS student] was genuine and they felt that [BHS student] listened to them without judgment. Amazing work!”

“[BHS student] was among the top 3 students we’ve ever had; like a colleague! [BHS student] interacted and contributed much like a [staff] member … Conducted herself appropriately and beyond the usual level of competence for a student at this level. Send us more students like her!”


“I thoroughly enjoyed my practicum experience at [agency] and am glad that I had the opportunity to gain knowledge and learn about an area I am interested in. I am positive that this experience has better prepared me not only for my future education, but also for my future employment.”

“I am just finishing up my summer job with The Kids Cancer Care Foundation, where I did my practicum this past school year. That being said, I just thought I would share with you how valuable and life changing my practicum (and employment) experience has been. 

My passion and love for working with children has been affirmed over and over throughout this year. Never before have I felt so sure of my skills and gifts. Spending time at the foundation's camp and community programs made it clear to me that I need to pursue a future in the non-profit world working with children and families. I will be back as a volunteer in the fall :)

I just wanted to say thank you for your encouragement throughout the practicum experience and also for pushing us to step out of our comfort zones. If it wasn't for that, I might have missed out on what has become one of the most influential and important experiences of my life. The BHS practicum program has changed my life and helped me find that long awaited direction for my future. It has opened doors for employment and I have learned more about people, life, and myself than I ever thought I would.

Just thought I would share that with you!
Thanks!!” -- Megan Routledge


The students from Ambrose University College, out of the Behavioural Science Program have become an integral part of the Providence student placement program. The students work directly in the special education classrooms under the supervision of a certified teacher. The students also have opportunity to collaborate and work with a team of therapists providing treatment in the areas of speech and language, occupation and physiotherapy.

The Ambrose students are positive and enthusiastic and have a strong work ethic; they arrive with the knowledge and confidence to work with our children and are will and eager to learn. As well, they bring new ideas and energy to our staff and program.

It is a please to have them as part of our team at Providence.

Rhonda Conway 
Providence Schools, Calgary