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Behavioural Science Practicum


Practicum is a key element of the Behavioural Science (BHS) program. We believe that it is critical to offer students hands-on learning as part of their program, and practicum achieves this by giving students a chance to work at an non-profit organization in their third year. BHS Concentration students work a minimum of 100 practicum hours on site, while BHS Major students complete at least 250 hours.

The positive outcomes from the program come not only from the student’s academic pursuits but also from the hand-on learning he or she gains during the practicum period; supervisors and practicum placements are an important part of this success. To give you a sense of this success and what this means to both students and supervisors, we have included comments from both sectors.

Practicum is significant because it enables students to:

  • Gain valuable field experience
  • Be mentored by an expert in the field
  • Apply classroom learning to real life
  • Enhance classroom learning by integrating field experience
  • Gain insight into future career paths
  • Build relationships with local social service agencies

Our practicum partners benefit from our students by:

  • Hearing fresh ideas and a new perspective
  • Receiving support with agency work
  • Mentoring the next generation of leaders in the field
  • Building relationships with well-equipped graduates seeking employment

Practicum Placements

Serving youth, children & families according to community needs:

  • Calgary Young Offender Centre
  • Wood’s Homes
  • Big Brother and Sisters
  • Boy’s and Girl’s Club of Calgary

Therapeutic & Educational School for Children with Disabilities:

  • Providence Children’s Centre
  • Janus Academy
  • Chinook Park School

Working with homelessness:

  • The Mustard Seed
  • Inn from the Cold
  • Alpha House

Calgary Board of Education:

  • Briar Hill Elementary School
  • Chinook Park School
  • Stanley Jones Elementary


  • Calgary Catholic Immigration Society
  • Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association
  • Centre for Newcomers


  • Calgary Pregnancy Care Centres
  • Kids Cancer Care
  • Art Therapy 

Practicum Responsibilies

Practicum Feedback and Comments