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Experiences on the Recruitment Ambassador Program

I believe that every story whether it big or small is important and has the power to change lives. It was the stories of other people that encouraged me to level up my education and skills. These stories led me to make one of the most life changing decision that I have ever made and that was to go back to university. Being a part of Ambrose University has made huge impact not only in knowledge but also in my spiritual and personal growth. The experiences have inspired me and made me feel like not only a student but being part of a family that grows and succeeds together!! Becoming part of the Recruitment Ambassador Program (RAP team) gave me the opportunity to bless and change lives with my story. One of the most unforgettable moment was during the open house this October where I was able to assist new high school graduate student, mature students, and their families with campus tours. While doing a campus tour, not only was I able to talk about how amazing the university was and my experiences here, but I was also able to share my story to one family who had a similar experience to mine. This encouraged their child, giving them confidence to go to university and apply at Ambrose. It’s amazing how the little things like telling your story to others or by simply leading a campus tour can make a huge difference in the lives of others! Being on the RAP team gives opportunity for me to share with prospective students in choosing their path that leads to their future career and success. I am so blessed to be a part of it!!

Monday, November 15, 2021