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My first Ministry Practicum Experience

As a second year School of Ministry student, I am currently doing my Practicum at a local church here in Calgary! Although most students have successful experiences right off the bat, I was not one of them. Unfortunately, the first church I picked ended up not being a good fit. I spent about a month with them, but throughout that time I could not help but feel discouraged and frustrated. I felt like I picked the wrong church. But at the same time, it also made me feel guilty for thinking that—I wanted to stand by my choice and make it work to the best that I could.

Life in Residence

For all three years I’ve been at Ambrose, I have lived in residence. Residence is a great place to meet new people, live with your friends, and get to know campus even better. Each floor has a unique name, with a special meaning behind it. I live on a floor called Chesley, and we have a few notable floor traditions. One is called Beauty Queen when we tell our embarrassing story of the week. One of the most memorable Beauty Queen moments for me was on November 24, 2020.

Experiences on the Recruitment Ambassador Program

I believe that every story whether it big or small is important and has the power to change lives. It was the stories of other people that encouraged me to level up my education and skills. These stories led me to make one of the most life changing decision that I have ever made and that was to go back to university. Being a part of Ambrose University has made huge impact not only in knowledge but also in my spiritual and personal growth. The experiences have inspired me and made me feel like not only a student but being part of a family that grows and succeeds together!!

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