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MyAmbrose, Wellness
Ambrose Wellness invites you to enjoy breakfast with women from all walks of life on the Ambrose Campus.  Invest in your health – mental, physical and spiritual - as we discuss issues particular to women.

Meet Ambrose Student Jonathan Brown

What does it mean to be Black student in STEM? Do you think race should be a precedent to a role or profession? 


Meet Ambrose Student Nya Wieka

As a Black female, what do you want the world to know about you?


Meet Ambrose Student David (Rakim) Far

How do you see the gospel in the redemption story of Black people?


Meet Ambrose Student Dibora Mehari

What do you see in the Black community that you positively encourage?


Meet Ambrose Student Sunday Kher

What are you hopeful for in terms of your influence as a Black student athlete at Ambrose?

Financial Aid, MyAmbrose

Dr. Gary McPherson Leadership Scholarship - $2,000

Have shown outstanding leadership, especially in the area of disability, and/or initiative to improve the lives of other people while attending Ambrose

Apply Now 

MyAmbrose, Students

Meet Ambrose Faculty Cindy Karikari

MyAmbrose, Students

Meet Ambrose Faculty Dami Adingupu

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