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Welcome to Ambrose Social Sciences! Learn about humans along with leading scholars who are exploring the dynamics of human perceptions, experiences and behaviours. Prepare for a career or further education through valuable industry experience, hands-on learning and interdisciplinary studies.


 I invite my students to question and raise their own curiosities about the world and to collectively explore the data and the possible explanations. I hope that these conversations will help guide students to what they are the most passionate about. 

Dr. Joel Thiessen, Chair, Social Sciences


Why Social Sciences at Ambrose?

Personal Development & Career Preparation: Develop and grow as you learn more about yourself and others, plus join the 90% of graduates who work in or have pursued higher education in this field.

Interdisciplinary: Employers value a liberal arts education as it provides graduates with a well-rounded education, critical thinking skills, and broadened views. As part of your social sciences degree, you will take courses in other programs as part of your liberal arts education.

Faculty/Student Interaction: Class sizes are small, so students receive mentoring from high quality international researchers and enjoy a rich community life with classmates. This environment fosters thoughtful integration of Christian faith and the social sciences.


Faculty and Staff