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Emergency Contact Information
Reason for stay
Please CHECK requested dates below:
Please Note: You are only permitted to live on campus during the approved date (s).


Room Fees: NO CHARGE for Stay for the purposes of Athletic Training or Leadership duties.

A cost of $20.00/day may be charged to your student account dependent on the reason for your stay. Campus Services will contact you by email when the application has been processed, enclosing confirming your check-in and/or check-out dates and fees for Stay.

Official Move-out/Move-in dates
Residence officially closes December 21, 2022 and re-opens Sunday, January 8, 2023.

I understand all Ambrose University policies and procedures remain in effect during the break. I will abide
by all the terms and policies listed in the Ambrose Community Life Standards Policy and Procedures and the
Covenant of Residence Community Membership and Residence Policy. I am familiar with the details of
these written agreements. I understand that any violation may result in removal from campus.

The following conditions also apply:

  • Overnight guests are not permitted in the residence during this time period.
  • Remember to lock your room at all times. It is important to bring your student proxy card and room keys
    with you to access residence and your room.
  • There may be facilities work occurring during the break period and you may be inconvenienced to a
    greater extent than during the academic year.
  • Normal daily housekeeping services in residence will be limited during this time.
  • Ambrose University Food and Dining Services may be closed. Therefore any money in your meal plan
    may not be in effect during some of this time period.
  • If you require non emergency or facility assistance contact Ambrose University Security at 403-827-0108.
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