Presidential Scholarship Essay Questions

The essay question must be submitted with the Presidential Scholarship application and resume: 


In your opinion, what is the greatest challenge facing the church today? Offer some reasons for your answer, and feel free to draw, in part, on your personal experiences.


The basis for marking the essays will be the following:

1. argument/Development of the topic
  • thesis statement is compelling
  • key terms/concepts are defined or explained
  • evidence supports claims
  • evidence subject to persuasive analysis
2. Organization of the essay
  • introduction is focused and highlights thesis statement
  • topic sentences develop thesis statement
  • transitions between paragraphs are clear and logical
  • conclusion is consistent with points of argument
  • no needless repetition

3. Style
  • clarity
  • conciseness
  • formality
4. mechanics
  • grammar/syntax
  • punctuation
  • spelling
5. Formatting
  • cover page with full name & essay
  • 500-750 words long
  • Times New Roman 12
  • margins - 1 inch (2.54 cm)
  • double spaced
  • page numbers

Please submit essay to:

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