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Alan Ho, PhD

Associate Professor, Psychology
Phone number
(403) 407-9465
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I am trained in the field of psychobiology and visual neuroscience. The basic method that I use to study human visual perception is psychophysics, which relates the subjective human psychological experience with the physical characteristics of visual stimuli. My Coyote Illusion was selected to be the Top 10 Finalist for the 9th Annual Best Illusion of the Year Contest sponsored by The Neural Correlate Society in 2013, and subsequently featured in the 2014 May/June issue of the Scientific American MIND magazine. Photography and Chinese Calligraphy are my top 2 hobbies.

Current Research

Human binocular vision, stereopsis, motion perception and perception of visual illusions. Biological substrate of human creativity.

Professional Activity

Ho, A. (2021). “Connecting Christian Values with Science in a Harmonious Whole”. Spring Anthem magazine, Ambrose University.

“More Legs Move Faster” in Best Illusions of the Year: Take a visual journey through seven prizewinning Illusions. (2014). Scientific American MIND, May/June issue, p.69.

Recent Conference Presentations

Ho, A. & Anstis, S. (2022). Perceived Coherence of Crossed Moving Gratings obeys Gestalt laws. Abstracts of the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Canadian Society for Brain, Behaviour, and Cognitive Sciences, p.137. Ho, A. (2022). Adapting to Multiple Possibilities: Ambiguous Aperture Motion Makes Room, for What’s Possible. Ambrose Research Conference.

Ho, A. (2017).  Local Motion Integration Determines Global Kinetic Pattern Perception. Abstracts of the 27th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Society for Brain, Behaviour, and Cognitive Sciences, p.29.

Anstis, S. & Ho, A. (2014) Apparent speed of a rotating disk varies with texture density. Vision Sciences Society annual conference in St. Pete Beach, FL.

Anstis, S., Ho, A & Dykmans, N. (2013). Adaptation to twinkle and flicker. Vision Sciences Society annual conference in Naples, FL.

Ho, A & Anstis, S. (2013). The Coyote Illusion: Motion Blur Increases Apparent Speed. Top 10 Contestant Presentations for the 2013 Best Illusion of The Year Competition, Naples, FL.

Ho, A & Anstis, S. (2013). Re-pairing: Perceptual reorganization of moving visual patterns from sensory fusion. Vision Sciences Society annual conference in Naples, FL. 


PhD (Florida State University)
MSc (Florida State University)
BSc (Florida State University)

Signature Courses

Cognitive Psychology (PS 350)
Psychology of Creativity (PS 332)
Sensation & Perception (PS 215)

Select Publications

Anstis, S., Hong, G., & Ho, A. (2020) Salience-based edge selection in flicker and binocular color vision. i- Perception, 11(3), 1-5.
Ashida, H., Ho, A., Kitaoka, A., & Anstis, S. (2017). The “Spinner” Illusion: More Dots, More Speed? i-Perception, 8(3),
Anstis, S., Kaneko, S., & Ho, A. (2016). Motion-Driven Transparency and Opacity. i-Perception, 7(5), DOI: 10.1177/2041669516667629