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General Studies

  • general studies at ambrose university

Earn university credits while sampling what Ambrose has to offer. This flexible interdisciplinary track allows you to to explore various subjects while determining professional and educational goals. This personalized path allows you to broaden your focus and look at a variety of your interests while also gaining practical skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, research, writing, and presentations. Your future is open.

Beyond the Classroom

To enhance the things you are learning in the classroom, you can take advantage of the many travel study opportunities offered by other programs.

Credit Breakdown

General Studies is offered as a three-year (90 credit) concentration. This timeline is based on a full course load (five courses/semester) with courses usually being three credits. To be considered a full-time student, you must be taking 3-5 courses per semester.

Your Future

With such a versatile degree you can go anywhere! Here's a sampling of the jobs our alumni have landed with this degree or entered through further studies:

  • Lawyer
  • Human Services Consultant
  • Public Administrator
general studies at ambrose university

The program allowed me to be accepted into the education program and I appreciated the variety of courses that I was allowed to take."

From a survey of Ambrose alumni

Featured Courses

  • HI 140 Themes in World History

    An introductory, thematic, global overview of human history from the ancient era to the recent past. This course examines the rise of civilizations, the development and fragmentation of empires, the modern trend towards globalization, and the many points of contact between diverse peoples. Topically, it will explore questions related to power, culture, religion, environment, and society.

  • EN 130 Introduction to English Literature

    An introduction to university English studies through the exploration of poetry, fiction, drama, and the literary essay. Students will learn strategies for the close reading and analysis of texts and for writing about literature.

    Note: Students can only earn credit for one of the following: EN 115 or 130.

  • HUM 101 Reading and Writing for University

    A themed introduction to critical reading and writing for university students. This course combines a systematic consideration of the elements of expository and argumentative writing, training in active reading strategies that facilitate that writing, and instruction in the fundamentals of English grammar and sentence structure.

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