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MU 426 - 1 Advanced Theory and Form

A study of Chromatic harmony, augmented sixth chords, and chords of the ninth, eleventh, and thirteenth. The course will examine and analyze the forms of Impressionism and the late 19th century as well as forms and influences from the 20th century and beyond. Finale music notation program will be used.

MU 427 - 1 Composition II Arranging and Composition

An advanced applied theory course which allows students to expand their music theory and composition skills, with significant emphasis on arranging of pre-existing materials, original composition, and orchestration for a variety of ensembles. Both choral/vocal and instrumental genres will be explored. Finale music notation program will be used.

MU 126 - 1 Musical Structures 1

An introduction to the elements of Western art music and their notation with application to the design of musical lines and texture. Prerequisites: Grade Two RCM Rudiments Theory or equivalent

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