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Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any in-person classes for the 2020-2021 school year?

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 concerns, in-person classes for youth are not being held on the Ambrose University campus for the 2020-2021 school year. However, please see the Ambrose Arts Academy Art in a Box Page for more information and to purchase our in-home or in-school creative arts training program, Art in a Box: Fairytales and Fables. Also, registration for our Summer Camps 2021 camps is now open. Please visit the Summer Camps Page for more information. 

Ambrose University

Where is Ambrose University?

Ambrose University is located at 150 Ambrose Circle SW, Calgary, AB T3H 0L5, Canada. See where on the map.

Where do I park?

Please find free summer parking in the Main Parking Lot.

Where do I drop off my child?

We need you to sign your child in each morning and sign them out each afternoon. Parents should park in the Main Parking Lot and enter through the centre doors of the Main Building with their child. There will be a staffed table close to the entrance where you can drop off and pick up your child.

Art in a Box Information

What is Art in a Box?

Art in a Box is a fun and educational alternative to in-person extra-curricular arts activities and camps. It is also an excellent all-inclusive curriculum, covering some of the learning outcomes in art, drama, music, and language arts.The box is delivered right to your door and contains all of the materials needed to do the lessons and activities within the box.

Is there a delivery fee for Art in a Box?

Delivery is included in the price of the box for residents of Calgary. For those outside of Calgary, free pick up from Ambrose University is available, or the box can be mailed and postage fees will vary based on location.

What kind of lessons and activities are inside the boxes?

The lessons and activities within the boxes vary based on the theme of the box. Please see the Art in a Box page for the themed boxes that are currently available.

What ages will enjoy Art in a Box?

Art in a Box is designed for various age groups, depending on the theme. Please see the Art in a Box page for the recommended age range for the available themed boxes.

How much does Art in a Box cost?

The cost for Art in a Box varies based on the themed box chosen. Please see the Art in a Box page for the specific cost for the available themed boxes.

How do I order Art in a Box?

Art in a Box is available for purchase through Eventbrite. Please see the Art in a Box page for the links to Eventbrite for the available themed boxes.

2021 Camp Information

What camps are available?

Please visit All Camps to review the camps for the 2021 summer season. Check back often as more camps are being added for later in the year and even next year.

What is/are the cost of the camp(s)?

Each camp has a unique cost, which are listed on the description pages. Please take a look at all of the camps to get more information about which ones you and your child may be interested in.

How do I register?

Once you have decided which camp you'd like to attend, please follow the link to the single page with all of the information listed on it. From there, you will need to follow the Register Now button in order to complete your registration for the camp(s).

Is there a media release form? Will my child be photographed or recorded?

There may be photography or videography equipment present during your child's camp sessions. Please find the media release form here.

How do I pay for a camp?

The system which is currently being utilized is EventBrite, which allows for digital registration and immediate payment for the camps of your choosing. Should you wish to pay directly, please visit Ambrose University's registration desk and someone will be available to process your payment between the hours of 9:30am and 4:30pm on weekdays.


Ambrose Arts Academy

There are currently no upcoming events. Stay tuned for upcoming experiences at Ambrose Univeristy.