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Ambrose Arts Academy will work with the full-time and sessional faculty of Ambrose Arts, as well as local artists, to provide professional arts training for all academy students.  Students will benefit from participating in classes taught by highly trained, skilled, and experienced instructors. They will also thrive in an environment that supports and encourages the exploration of faith and art.  

Instructors Currently Engaged for 2021 Summer Camps* 

*Please stay tuned as we update the list of instructors who will be teaching for the arts academy next summer.

Michalis Andronikou, PhD (ABD), MMus, BMus

Mark Bartel, DMA, MMus, MSMus, BMus

Tyler Hornby, MMus, BMus

Sheahan Keinick, Fellowship in Imperial Ballet and Licentiate in Modern Theatre

Stefano Valdo, MMus