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ASC Meet the Team-Brett Meeberg



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Ambrose Student Body Director of Operations: Brett Meeberg


Who is Brett?

  • Brett is in his third year.
  • Brett is in the theology program and is studying Church Ministry.
  • Brett would like to enter into pastoral ministry.
  • Brett is from Edmonton, AB.
  • Brett's favourite activity is watching NFL games!
  • Brett's favourite book is Translating God by Shawn Bolz.
  • Brett is excited to oversee clubs and watch people pursue their passions and hobbies!

What does the Director of Operations do?

From the Ambrose Student Council Bylaw IV, Section II, Clause VII.

Duties of the Director of Operations:

  • To facilitate the active presence of clubs on campus, providing support and guidance by:
  • Reviewing and guiding each club’s plans for the fall and winter semesters.
  • Organizing the Club Fair event in the first month of the fall semester.
  • Organizing the Club Fair in the first month of the winter semester.
  • Representing each club’s concerns to the Executive Student Council.
  • To facilitate any club fund requests and ensure proper distribution of said funds through the VP of Finance.
  • To act as a liaison between the Executive Council and Club Leaders to ensure all Club Events are marketed on ASC platforms and recorded on the ASC’s calendar.
  • To handle any operationally related ‘special projects’ as deemed by the Executive Student Council (e.g., Student parking, ASC office space, transit passes, etc.).
  • To act as an assistant for the VP Finance and assist them as required.
  • To attend Executive meetings as outlined in contract.