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ASC Meet the Team-Jasmine Joosse



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Ambrose Student Body Director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Jasmine Joosse




Who is Jasmine?

  • Jasmine is in her second year.
  • Jasmine is in the Theology program and is studying Intercultural Ministries.
  • Jasmine would like to work in the missions field.
  • Jasmine is from Grand Prairie, AB.
  • Jasmine enjoys reading, games with friends and family, listening to music, and .
  • Jasmine's favourite books are too many to list.
  • Jasmine is excited to learn next to my peers about different social issues and engage in opportunities for growth and involvement both in the Ambrose community and in Calgary.

What does the Director of EDI do?

From the Ambrose Student Council Bylaw IV, Section II, Clause VIII.

Duties of the Director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion:

  • To plan and implement a minimum of three (3) different events per academic semester (active, passive, educational, or otherwise) related to Social Justice.
  • To continually encourage students to become involved in giving back to others by setting up opportunities for them to serve.
  • To chair the Homies Helping Homies club.
  • To create awareness of social issues and provide opportunities for students to act through redemptive engagement with others both inside and outside the Ambrose community.
  • To collaborate with Student Development and REACH for the purpose of effective planning.
  • To partner with the Campus Chaplain regarding Serve Days in September (Spiritual Emphasis Days).
  • To attend Executive Meetings as outlined in contract.