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ASC Meet the Team-Micaeliah Urquhart



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Ambrose Student Body Director of Wellness: Micaeliah Urquhart


Who is Micaeliah?

  • Micaeliah is in her second year.
  • Micaeliah is in the humanities program and is studying Christian Studies.
  • Micaeliah would like to be a pastor or serve in at a non-profit.
  • Micaeliah is from Calgary, AB.
  • Micaeliah's favourite activity is photography and painting.
  • Micaeliah's favourite books are The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom and Les Misèrables by Victor Hugo.
  • Micaeliah is looking forward to helping students with their personal wellness and serve through events that will encourage people!

What does the Director of Wellness do?

From the Ambrose Student Council Bylaw IV, Section II, Clause VI.

Duties of the Director of Wellness:

  • To plan and implement a minimum of three (3) different events (active, passive, educational, or otherwise) per academic semester based upon the elements represented in the Wellness Wheel (Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Social, Environmental, Financial, and Spiritual).
  • To coordinate Wellness Weeks in the fall and winter semesters with the goal of promoting well-being the week before final exams.
  • To encourage the creation of a space for students to learn about and heal from issues that relate both to them personally and to the outer community.
  • To serve as a liaison between the Students’ Council and the Student-Athlete Leadership Team (SALT) for the purpose of promoting community and healthy physical practices among the Student Association.
  • To regularly meet and work closely with the Wellness Coordinator of Ambrose University to not only provide feedback on wellness programming at Ambrose but also work in a collaborative fashion to serve the holistic needs of the student population.
  • To attend Executive meetings as outlined in contract.