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Ambrose Research Conference



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Keynote Speaker

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Dr. Ken Nickel, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Chair of the Ambrose Research Ethics Committee. 

Academic Excellence Amid Democratic Decline: A Platonic Survival Story

Unknown by some and forgotten by others, Plato’s Republic, the Socratic dialogue celebrating the virtues in and of the ‘Ideal City’, was a ‘science fiction’ story written for the benefit of his Academy. This year’s plenary speaker, Dr. Ken Nickel, contends that a reconsideration of ‘virtue’ in the university can serve to alert its stewards and guardians of the tyrannies that threaten its own survival, and that it is time to write a twenty-first century ‘science fiction’ survival story of our own, one in which ‘excellence’ inspires us to avoid the very same fate that perennially imperils democracy.



  • ARC 2024

Tuesday March 26, 2024 - 9:00am - 3:30pm 

Each year Ambrose University hosts the Ambrose Research Conference – a gathering that aims to spotlight student, faculty, staff, and alumni research and scholarly activity, through a series of conference presentations and poster exhibits. This event is free to attend and open to the general public.

Prudence, Justice, Courage, and Temperance: The Cardinal Virtues in Life and Learning

While the theological virtues of faith, hope, and love are essential for the formation of any Christian community, how can the cardinal virtues—prudence, justice, courage, and temperance—inform and benefit a Christian liberal arts institution? We invite a wide variety of presentations that reflect on or relate to the place and meaning of the cardinal virtues within a Christian university from the disciplines of Arts, Sciences, Business, Education, and Theology.



Featuring Derek Cook, author of The Art of Hope: Healing the Wounded City (Tyndale Academic Press, 2022).