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Keynote Speaker

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Dr. Ken Nickel, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Chair of the Ambrose Research Ethics Committee. 

Academic Excellence Amid Democratic Decline: A Platonic Survival Story

Unknown by some and forgotten by others, Plato’s Republic, the Socratic dialogue celebrating the virtues in and of the ‘Ideal City’, was a ‘science fiction’ story written for the benefit of his Academy. This year’s plenary speaker, Dr. Ken Nickel, contends that a reconsideration of ‘virtue’ in the university can serve to alert its stewards and guardians of the tyrannies that threaten its own survival, and that it is time to write a twenty-first century ‘science fiction’ survival story of our own, one in which ‘excellence’ inspires us to avoid the very same fate that perennially imperils democracy.



  • Pastor with bible

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